Florida businesses adopting holistic technology strategies

When Mark Lipscomb, RoundTower’s district director for Florida, called upon a potential client, the executive told him that he already had 16 vendors. “Why would I need a 17th?” he asked.

Lipscomb said he then asked the executive what kind of value he received from all of his vendors. But the executive couldn’t answer. “Clients that choose RoundTower tell me that vendor consolidation is exactly why they do business with us. However, I believe we bring a holistic technology strategy to the table that is unheard of in our industry.”

Most companies are looking to reduce complexity and the number of business partners. RoundTower’s wide portfolio allows for such consolidation and the depth of RoundTower’s expertise allows the client to extract value from less obvious technology and financial strategies, Lipscomb said.

Companies often lack the resources and expertise to maximize ROI by fully integrating their disparate technologies. “All of those worlds collide with each other at some point,” Lipscomb said.

“IT is no longer just cost to the business. Now IT is the business and companies adopting IT strategy as a competitve advantage are clearly outfront” Lipscomb said.


Cincinnati-based RoundTower builds solutions around the businesses that it serves, such as helping them to choose the right cloud infrastructure, automating business process, and assisting companies to align the organization properly to extract the most value for modern IT investments.

“A lot of companies out there are still selling technology like it’s a light bulb that you can take out of a box and screw in,” Lipscomb said. “But that’s not how it works. There are too many considerations.”

With a minimum of three technology experts to every salesperson, RoundTower has invested in the talent necessary to help clients transform and keep pace. RoundTower’s expertise includes cloud and automation technologies, cybersecurity, managed services, data analytics, DevOps, and digital workspaces to name a few.

RoundTower’s combination of business acumen and technical expertise has helped it grow to more than 425 employees and more than $430 million in annual revenue since it launched in 2007, according to a profile in Cincinnati Business Courier. After seven years in Florida, it now generates more than $100 million annually in the state.

RoundTower works with several of Florida’s Fortune 50 companies and other businesses throughout the state. It’s been particularly active in financial services, transportation, retail and healthcare.

Companies know that they need to do more with their technology, but they often don’t know where or how to begin. “There’s a demand for thought leadership,” Lipscomb said. “We can bring the experience of our deliveries and what we’ve done to help businesses to companies that are struggling to determine what to do.”

RoundTower helps businesses become more agile so that they can continuously improve efficiency by implementing the latest technologies and best practices. Clients have been especially interested in leveraging the cloud, improving security and optimizing workflows.

RoundTower unleashes trapped profitability through an assessment-driven approach. Then it implements the changes by combining the proper technologies. “We’re tied to delivering the outcome more than selling a product,” Lipscomb said.

For example, RoundTower’s enterprise service management team helps companies save time and money by automating workflows. Companies can streamline processes like onboarding new employees by connecting technologies across departments.

Predictable tasks, like setting up computers and issuing ID cards, are done in the right order, at the right time. “It has a great return on investment in the amount of human capital you take to do things that are repeatable,” Lipscomb said.

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RoundTower is a solution provider that delivers innovative solutions and services in the areas of data center infrastructure, cloud automation and DevOps, big data, analytics and IoT, ServiceNow, end-user computing and mobility, and cyber security.  RoundTower is enabling its customers to drive positive business outcomes by becoming more agile, efficient, and secure through the use of technology.