University of North Florida Tackles Skills Gap with Coding Bootcamp

The University of North Florida is partnering with coding bootcamp Fullstack Academy to offer skills training for jobs in programming and the tech field. Starting in October, the UNF Coding Bootcamp will be a non-credit, part-time program, designed to make technology education more accessible in the region.

The need for skilled tech employees is on the rise in Northeast Florida, according to a news announcement. In particular, the university’s home city of Jacksonville has applied for federal grants to build a “high-tech innovation corridor that will complement existing technology and advanced manufacturing industries,” expected to increase the demand for skilled workers.

“Fullstack Academy has been a leader in the coding bootcamp community for years, and we’re excited to bring their skills training to the university,” said Edythe M. Abdullah, dean of UNF’s Division of Continuing Education, in a statement. “It’s an opportunity for us to close the skills gap employers face by providing specialized skills training from a proven bootcamp program. We’re proud to help better prepare local workers to succeed in the highly-skilled job market of the future.”